Endodontic Referral Service

Why Refer?

By referring patients with endodontic problems, you will give us the opportunity to provide the best outcome prior to restoration. We will treat your patients and return them to your care. With the ever-increasing patient expectations and litigation cases arising for dentists, you can be reassured that you are providing your patient with the best endodontic care available to them.

Services available using our operating microscope:-

  • RCT
  • Re treatment endo therapy
  • Difficult pain diagnosis
  • Perio endo problems
  • Post/Core preparation
  • Post removal

Leigh and Kelly have extensive experience in providing restorative dentistry, and can return the completed endodontic case to the referring dentist with a permanent core, and/or temporary crown in place ready for the referring dentist to provide a definitive protective restoration (except in cases which require a cast post and core, in which case a temporary crown may be provided).

Fee guide (prices from)

Consultation only – £100 , some patients would like a pre-treatment assessment to confirm the feasibility and predictability of the outcome of endo treatment. This charge is deducted from the final fee if treatment is carried out here.

Pre-treatment investigation – £175.00 – on occasion it may be necessary to clinically explore a compromised tooth prior to endodontic treatment, which may involve the removal of existing crowns, investigations for root fractures etc. This charge is deducted from the final fee if treatment is carried out here.

Root treatment – Single or multi root tooth £725 primary treatment or £825 retreatment

Core or temporary restoration- £180

Additional £100 for open apex/perforation repair/instrument removal

We hope you will be delighted with the results we can achieve for your patients and find our endodontic service a valuable part of their dental healthcare, whilst supporting you, our referring dentist and your team.

Please contact Morgan Dental on 015394 43378 or email info@morgandental.co.uk

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