Implant and Surgery Referral Service

Dr Andrew Legg is the holder of the Clinical Certificate in Implantology and has completed Advanced Surgical Training at the Royal College of Surgeons.

BDS, MFDS RCS Ed PGDip Imp Pros, GDC 79203

Andrew visits Morgan Dental to place implants and carry out minor oral surgery. Andrew is highly skilled and experienced and places around 400 implants annually. Andrew has previously worked as a Clinical Teaching Fellow in Oral Surgery at the University of Manchester. He has been a lecturer for Nobel Biocare and was the clinical lead for the Tipton Training implant courses. He is now in partnership with Colin Campbell and together they run the Campbell Academy: an implant teaching company dedicated to raising the standards in implant treatment in the UK. Andrew also accepts referrals for Oral Surgery.

His extensive knowledge and advanced surgical skills means he regularly carries out dental surgery including sinus and bone grafting and complex tooth extractions. He uses state-of-the-art x-ray technology and 3D treatment planning software to ensure precision placement of grafts and dental implants. Implants placed at Morgan Dental will be restored by Alistair Morgan who has over 12 years’ experience in this field.

Andrew would be pleased to help your patients achieve with an implant-based solution to their dental issues.  We are particularly careful to emphasise to your patients that you have referred them because you are acting in their best interests and you remain their Dental Practitioner. We will not address any issues other than the ones for which they have been referred. You have been kind enough to trust us with your patients and we wish to honour that trust.

Referral is easy, either

  • Use the referral form on the for dentists tab on our website or send the patients details via
  • post to Morgan Dental Lake Road Windermere LA23 2EQ or
  • fax to 015394 44420 or
  • e mail

Consultation costs  £150 lasts around and hour after which the patient will receive a report detailing their options ,costs and the likely timescale. If the patient has a recent panoramic radiograph that is very helpful or we can arrange for one to be taken for an additional £35.

Typically a single implant will cost £1300, and the abutment and crown another £1300 including a visit to one of our hygienists for oral hygiene instruction so that the patient can be shown how to look after their new addition.

Implant Referral Form

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